Treasure Hunting

What is (MTH) Magnet Treasure Hunting?

MTH is exactly what it sounds like: treasure hunting...with magnets. 

You tie a rope onto a lightweight high power magnet and cast it in the water.   

You can pick out the spots that look good for secret treasures and we can give it a try.  

MTH is suited for people who are curious, enjoy the outdoors, and who are patient. It gives you one more reason to get out and explore our local surroundings. 

Are you that type of explorer and adventurer where you can simplicity drop a magnet in the water and find that treasure that has been waiting to be unearthed.  When you sense the ‘magnetic clunk’ it creates the excitement and anticipation of what will be brought to the surface. Nature is the last great escape from our conventional inside only lifestyle. MTH is a great activity for both kids and adults. 

Remember, you are only one cast away from finding the next fantastic treasure.