Hello & Welcome to Carolina Beach In-shore Adventures


We invite you to come and explore the Carolina Coast with

Captain Mark House. Let us personally guide you on your in-shore adventures.  We know this may be the only trip you take to explore the lower Cape Fear region by boat so we want to make it the best experience you have ever had on the water.


Our charters are taken by appointment and we try to schedule water tours and fishing adventures in such a manner as not to rush your experience.


The "House Boat" is a 24' BayRider center console bay boat

and will accommodate up to 5 guests.  It has a  T-top for plenty of shade and powered by an extremely quiet, environmentally friendly , 4-stroke outboard motor.


You tell us what you want to do, where you want to go and when you want to stop to get your feet wet and we will get you there. We can adjust our tours and adventures based on your time and budget.


I look forward to meeting you.

Captain Mark


image courtesy of Paddlepix.com